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Best preparedness app ever!

As a mom of 4 I am the worst when it comes to preparedness. This app made it simple and easy to do!

Misses the Mark

Has good lists but doesn't tell me how to get an item. Most preppers want low cost options. Why buy a Stanley tool when a one-time Harbor Freight will suffice. Maybe they're trying to monetize. It was just a frustrating experience when Pinterest drills down.

Well thought out

This app is awesome!!!! I don’t care that I had to login through Facebook, who cares? I have only done that 1,000 times before. PrepIFy! Has thought of everything you need for survival. The developers react quickly to up dates and do an excellent job.

Great app

This app is awesome!! Helps me get my survival items organized. I really enjoy the suggested items available for purchase on amazon. I no longer have to worry if the items I am buying to prep are going to do the job. Thanks Prepify!!

Organization has never been easier

Customer support is awesome. There have been a few bugs but once reported, they fix them super quickly. I love that all my lists of gear are available on my phone and that I can access them offline. I love the search feature; life saver! The one thing that I wish I could do, is make my own lists. I don’t see why some people can make lists and others can’t? Anyway, my organization is well on its way thanks to this app!

Worthless without a google or Facebook account

Can’t log in without an account on google or Facebook, neither of which I use. This is getting deleted 2 minutes after I downloaded it.

Can’t login

Unfortunately the app require you to use Facebook or Google to login which I won’t do so the app is useless. Also they collect info from your FB and Google accounts.

Such a time-saver!

I have been wanting to get prepared for a long time now but just haven't had the time to try and figure out what I actually need. And I've even bought items (before this app) that were a waste of money. I love how there are really cool and complete lists that I can download, saving research time, and that I can actually just purchase the items from Amazon without even leaving the app. I am really excited to feel ready and prepared! Cool user interface too! Easy to navigate!

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